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A Complete Sales Development System

Power your business with a robust sales development function, while avoiding the high cost and headaches of building and managing it on your own. Growth Era provides a complete system with the A Players, proven processes and leading technology to get the job done.


Our Sales Development Unit model makes it easy to scale outreach up or down to align with your sales goals.

  • Leads List Building & Management
  • Sales Playbook copy creation & refinement
  • Campaign Buildout & Analytics
  • Growth Era Tech Stack Management
  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Training
  • Coaching & Performance Management
  • Multi-channel outbound prospecting
  • Lead nurturing
  • Account Strategy & Collaboration
  • Performance Reporting
  • Liaison with Sales Ops & SDR Team

Each Sales Development Unit delivers the resources to actively prospect 1,000 customer targets per month.

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Synchronized Multi-Channel Outreach

Our proprietary outreach model is focused on three primary channels: Phone, Email and LinkedIn. We work these channels synergistically to maximize the potential of every lead.

Growth Era's 6 Key Advantages

Deep Discovery

It is essential to become crystal clear about the ideal client profile (ICP) you are targeting and what they care about the most. Our onboarding process distills the prospect’s ‘pain’ or ‘gain’ points into concise top-of-funnel messaging that drives qualified meetings.

Data-Driven Copy

Sales Development is our core business, so we have a massive amount of experience and data to validate what types of messaging work best in the current environment. We craft and test variations of copy in each outreach channel to make sure that the messaging is resonating with the target customer.

Dedicated Sales Operations

We use technology like a carpenter uses power tools. Growth Era invests in the best sales enablement tech, and we have a dedicated Sales Operations team running it. This role specialization ensures we leverage our tech stack to its fullest potential. It also supports our Sales Development Reps to focus on the work that only humans can do – connecting with other humans.

Growth Era Academy

Rep training is a big upfront and ongoing investment, and it is worth every penny. Growth Era Academy ensures our reps are equipped with a strong foundation in the art of cold outreach and the Growth Era model. Reps go through a one month training ‘boot camp’ with numerous filters to keep only the best talent. Growth Era Academy also provides ongoing training for our Reps and Managers to stay out in front of the market on the latest tactics.

The Minor League

Two of the greatest challenges in Sales Development are maintaining consistency and the agility to scale. We found a way to solve these challenges with what we call ‘The Minor League’. We developed select partnerships where newly graduated SDRs from Growth Era Academy are put to work in real accounts to prove their performance. This enables us to maintain a large, vetted talent pool to meet demand.

Collaborative Communication

Frequent, open communication is the backbone of a healthy relationship. Your Growth Era Client Success Manager (CSM) functions as a Department Head and meets with you weekly to review results, discuss wins, challenges, changes and ideas. This investment keeps us in sync and agile to learn and adapt for maximum results.


We partner closely with our clients, so it’s important to invest the time up front to confirm there is a strong fit. We’ll dig in deeper in our discovery meeting, but here are the initial criteria we look for:


Large Total Addressable Market - 2,000 or more potential customers


High Customer Lifetime Value - $20K or greater per customer


Differentiated Offer - A quantifiable offer with a distinct value over competition

What clients are saying

Growth Success Stories


The Growth Era team is a true extension of our internal sales teams. They brought a fresh perspective, a personalized playbook, and the tools needed to level up our BDR outreach to drive the pipeline our team needed. The current ROI and results speak for themselves.

Adam Lane

National Sales DirectorForcura
SPI Automation

Prior to working with Growth Era, we had difficult time finding and engaging the right contacts. Right now, their ability to zone into exactly what we are looking for from an ideal customer profile and the accuracy with how they do it makes it very easy for us and takes away a lot of mental activity which we can use for other parts of our business. We feel that conversions are imminent and we are looking forward to keeping this machine rolling.

Tom Wright

PresidentSPI Automation

For Collectiv, Growth Era has developed into a very valuable collaborator who has helped us improve the performance and dynamics of lead generation. Since collaborating with Growth Era, we have continued to progress. We are eager to continue to collaborate with Growth Era and further develop our strategy over time. We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Growth Era and their entire team!

Darren Goonawardana


Reaching out to the ideal customer was always a challenge for us. Having someone raise their hand in this exciting industry is quite difficult. It is a big deal for us in the way Growth Era opened the doors for us in the market and the conversion rates have been massive! We now know the SDR role much better and how much it takes to generate interest. Working with Growth Era on these weekly check-up calls made us aware that our content has to always evolve in order for us to stand out and be competitive. We better understand our product-market fit, our ICP and the message we put out for the stage where we are at.

Chris Freedman

Co-Founder and Managing PartnerOnDefend

People won't stop talking about you! I'm unable to walk 3 feet in our office without hearing positive things about you and your team. I've been running some reports and we're really making great progress toward our goals. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team do!

Evan Alpaugh

Digital Acquisition ManagerStentam

Growth Era has been instrumental in helping us build qualified pipeline with outbound prospecting as well as streamlining our sales operations. With a growing sales pipeline, we found ourselves struggling to keep up with deals. When they introduced Pipeline Management services, we jumped on the opportunity to strengthen this area as well. They improved our sales process and put dedicated resources on nurturing deals through the process. Several old deals that had gone cold were revived, and our salespeople gained time to focus on what they do best. This greatly improved our pipeline performance.

Terrance McGowan

Chief Executive OfficerWelltality
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