Collectiv Closes 7 Figure Consulting Engagement with Waste Management and Adds Millions More to Sales Pipeline

Collectiv saw an opportunity to grow their sales pipeline by outsourcing their sales development department. The company wanted to remain focused on its core business while allowing a sales development specialist to handle outreach.

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About Collectiv

Collectiv is a Microsoft Gold partner and the #1 rated consulting provider of Business Intelligence and Power BI services on G2.

They help enterprise customers get the most out of their massive investment in the latest business intelligence tools from the Microsoft stack.

Collectiv saw an opportunity to grow their sales pipeline by outsourcing their sales development department. The company wanted to remain focused on its core business while allowing a sales development specialist to handle outreach.

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What Collectiv is Saying

Working with Growth Era to outsource our sales development has been a great solution for us to build a sales pipeline while not having to create an entirely new function in house.

Darren Goonawardana

The Challenge

Collectiv decided that one way to grow their firm was to develop a sales development function. Their target market is the enterprise consumer and thus the lifetime value of any new client relationship can range from the multi six figures to multi seven figures. The question that came up whether to develop the function in-house or to outsource it, and if the latter, to which provider.

Collectiv decided that the sales development function was not going to be an internal focus for them. It involves managing a group of people early in their careers doing repetitive, emotionally difficult work. From where they were sitting, they were happy to have someone else manage it for them.

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Collectiv’s sales development challenges fell into few key categories:

In-house vs Outsource?

Collectiv had to decide if they were going to take on the task of creating and running a sales development department in-house. Doing so at a high level would require a massive investment of time and money. The other option was to find an outsourced partner.

Sales Playbook

Collectiv had marketing material but lacked a structured sales development playbook that could be used for cold outreach. Creating and constantly A/B testing messaging campaigns to reach a cold market is a very difficult, specific challenge.

Tech Stack

The market is fast-moving with a constantly changing toolset. Better solutions for sales engagement are being created every single day so Collectiv was looking for expert guidance on the proper tech stack for sales development.

List Development

Collectiv has a deep understanding of its target market but needed assistance in getting in front of that audience without having to procure, manage, cleanse, and enrich lists in-house.

The Solution

After some discovery with multiple outsourced sales development firms the company settled on Growth Era.

“We were impressed with the people we were interacting with. We liked the way they had thought through the problem from the client perspective and came up with the bolt-on department model. They understood that we don’t want to deal with any of the aspects of the sales development function. We want to become involved once there is a discovery meeting on the calendar. Growth Era’s model anticipated our desires and so we decided on a partnership with them.”

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Real Results


With the entire sales development process in Growth Era’s hands, Collectiv could go back to focusing on helping current clients and moving deals down their sales pipeline.

Product-market fit

Part of the onboarding process with Growth Era was an in-depth look at who the “perfect fit” client was for Collectiv. Once this was determined, a prospect list could be built that contained just these types of prospects.

Light touch management

Collectiv now manages the entire sales development function with a short weekly call with their Growth Era’s Customer Success Manager. All stats are relayed, challenges addressed, and leads graded. Instead of spending massive blocks of time trying to manage internal resources, Collectiv now has that time back to invest in other areas.

The Perfect Fit

In the first year of the partnership, Collectiv was able to add its first massive new logo to their client portfolio based on a meeting set by Growth Era – Waste Management (WM).

WM is the perfect client-fit for Collectiv. They have invested in all of the tools and were feeling the pain of getting maximum value out of their investment. Collectiv was able to show them a path to how they could achieve their goals, and have begun the first project.

Aside from the Waste Management deal, Growth Era helped set over 50 other meetings, adding multiple millions of dollars to the sales pipeline.

Collectiv’s sale is not a transactional sale. They realized that they were investing in a pipeline of sales conversations. As long as they get in front of the right target prospect, Collectiv is confident that their knowledge and reputation will help them convert at a high rate.

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The Results

meetings scheduled


meetings attended


in pipeline growth

The Next Level

“We are very happy with the work that Growth Era does on our behalf. We manage the entire process with a short weekly update call and they handle the rest. They are responsive, hardworking, and can adapt intelligently to the difficulties that arise. We plan to continue our work with them and see ourselves expanding the relationship in the future.”

Collectiv has now scaled the team with Growth Era and is working on securing yet another 7-figure deal from their sales development efforts.

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