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SPI Automation revitalizes sales process and adds millions to their sales pipeline

SPI Automation is a renowned control system integrator specializing in innovative automated solutions across various industries. With expertise in material handling, machine control, and process control, SPI Automation delivers tailored solutions to meet diverse client needs. SPI Automation's commitment to excellence and reliability has made it a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge automation solutions.

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Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction Manufacturing
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SPI Automation

Prior to working with Growth Era, we were having quite a difficult time finding and engaging the right contacts. Their ability to zone into exactly what we are looking for from an ideal customer profile and the accuracy with how they do it makes it very easy for us and takes away a lot of mental activity which we can use for other parts of our business.

Tom Wright

President and CEOSPI Automation
Growth Challenges

Like the majority of manufacturing companies, SPI Automation largely relied on word of mouth, sellers-doers and the occasional trade show or networking event and peer group to engage with new potential customers. The limited prospecting activity made it difficult to build a fresh sales pipeline for growth. In addition, limited direct exposure to buyers in the market made it a struggle to keep up with the latest trends and buyer priorities in order to keep an edge over the competition.

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SPI’s key growth challenges

Inconsistent Deal Flow

SPI’s mostly event-based, reactive approach to sales development limited its sales pipeline. The lack of a proactive approach to customer engagement resulted in limited interactions and discussions with potential clients. As a consequence, SPI struggled to initiate the necessary conversations that could lead to securing new orders and effectively planning projects.

Lack of a Formal Sales Development System

SPI did not have dedicated expertise or experience in outbound sales development, so there was not a system in place for lead acquisition or for proactively nurturing leads through a multi-channel process. The lack of a dedicated sales development system greatly minimized SPI’s ability to gain the greatest connectivity with its potential customers.

No Dedicated Sales Development Resources and Analytics

SPI Automation recognized the importance of exploring and diversifying into different market verticals to expand its business opportunities and potential project scopes. However, it lacked the dedicated sales development resources to execute at scale. Aside from the resource limitation, SPI needed an effective analytics system to learn from its outreach.

No Brand Visibility Outside of Closed Network

SPI Automation faced a significant challenge in terms of limited brand visibility and market presence beyond the closed networks where they were already established. This constraint hindered SPI’s opportunities to enter new markets, as potential clients may have been more inclined to engage with companies they were already familiar with.

The Solution

SPI Automation realized it needed a way to consistently reach into the market to gain insights, learn and provide new sales opportunities to the team. Growth Era’s deep experience in outbound sales development and ‘complete department’ business model were attractive to SPI. In addition, Growth Era’s solution was significantly more cost efficient versus trying to build and manage an outbound function in-house and could be implemented within 4 weeks.

Executing Cold Outreach

Growth Era’s operational framework ensures that the recruitment and training of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) remains an ongoing process. Through the SDR Training Academy, Growth Era implements a structured screening procedure, guaranteeing that SDRs are fully prepared for outreach activities before they are allocated to specific accounts. This approach effectively addressed SPI Automation’s challenges in executing sales initiatives and engaging with prospective clients.

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Sales Playbook & Tech Stack

Growth Era leveraged a combination of market research tools, sales engagement platforms, copywriting AI and email and LinkedIn outreach tools, to craft a Sales Development Playbook with personalized messaging and build targeted lead lists for SPI Automation. By harnessing these tools alongside their expertise in understanding SPI’s target audience, Growth Era ensured that messaging resonated effectively with prospects’ needs and pain points, while also identifying high-quality leads most likely to convert into customers.

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Cultivating Multiple Target Segments

In addition to crafting tailored messaging and communication strategies to resonate with SPI’s target audience, Growth Era demonstrated versatility in targeting different audiences, recognizing that different market segments may have distinct pain points, challenges, and needs. By leveraging their understanding of these nuances, Growth Era adapted the outreach messages and value propositions to address the specific concerns of each audience effectively. This versatility allowed SPI to engage with a diverse range of prospects across various industries and verticals, maximizing the impact and broadening their reach in the market.

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Increasing Market Presence

Over the span of several years collaborating with Growth Era, SPI Automation gained a consistent focus on prospecting into its target markets, leading to a notable surge in traction and widespread recognition within the Utah market and neighboring states. This resulted in heightened visibility for SPI Automation’s offerings and capabilities. Moreover, the expanded reach and reputation gained through Growth Era’s outreach facilitated new opportunities for SPI Automation to forge valuable partnerships and drive sustained growth in their target markets.

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The Results

Leads Developed


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The Next Level

The continued growth outlook for SPI Automation is strong, sustained by a high level of confidence in Growth Era‘s capabilities to drive and execute outbound sales development as a continuous function.

Working with Growth Era, SPI remains focused on new customer growth and building upon its market presence.

SPI Automation is now fully equipped to stay out in front of its target markets, keeping its hand extended to serve companies where its solutions can make transformational impacts on success.

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