Forcura scales up with Growth Era and increases pipeline velocity by 200%

Forcura is the leading healthcare workflow management company for home health and other post-acute care organizations. With its automated workflow, collaboration, and analytics SaaS solutions, Forcura enables more than 800 providers across 7,000 locations to streamline incoming patient information and coordinate ongoing patient care resulting in improved business performance.

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Ranked on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for six consecutive years, Forcura is a company that is comfortable setting ambitious goals that yield strong growth.

With each new level of scale, Forcura pushes itself to match the challenges in all areas of the business. It’s this spirit that led the company to evaluate Growth Era as a solution to optimize its outbound sales development function. The partnership has been another success in the Forcura story.

  • 200% Performance Increase in Lead to Sales Meetings Conversions
  • 50% Cost-Efficiency versus in-house
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Leadership highlight

Craig Mandeville

CEO & FounderForcura

Craig founded Forcura after witnessing first-hand how much of an impact digital management of medical records and secure communication could have on improving patient care. Craig’s vision is to lead the change in post-acute care towards true interoperability, reducing redundancy of documentation throughout the continuum of patient care.

What FORCURA is saying

The Growth Era team is a true extension of our internal sales teams. They brought a fresh perspective, a personalized playbook, and the tools needed to level up our BDR outreach to drive the pipeline our team needed. The current ROI and results speak for themselves.

Adam Lane

National Sales DirectorForcura
The Challenge

Entering 2022, Forcura set its most aggressive growth goal in the company’s history. Having already looked ahead toward aligning resources with the target, it was now time to scale up the team, including outbound sales development.

Forcura engaged Growth Era and started with one sales development seat to work alongside its in-house team. Growth Era was assigned the most challenging target audience, one in which Forcura did not currently have integrations with the prospects’ electronic medical systems (EMRs). It was a good way to test Growth Era’s capabilities and decide whether the team might play a larger role in Forcura’s future growth.

Growth Era demonstrated its capabilities with the non-integrated lead base, which gave Forcura a clearer picture of the challenges it was facing with scaling its in-house sales development team.

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Forcura’s sales development challenges:

Sales Development Rep (SDR) Recruitment & Onboarding

Even with a strong HR team, recruiting A-player SDRs was a difficult and lengthy process that pressured the budget and made it difficult to quickly scale the team. A related challenge was new-hire turnover. The SDR position is often an early-career stage position, which means Forcura had to make a substantial investment to hire and train an SDR before knowing if the person could perform. The time lost with turnover posed a big risk to hitting growth targets, and over-hiring for the position to mitigate this issue was expensive.

SDR Training & Performance Management

Forcura realized outbound sales development teams required a high cadence of training and daily coaching to be consistent and effective. This reality meant additional investment in specialized training and management resources, along with a long ramp-up time to build out the team.

Lead Enrichment

Forcura was able to identify target companies through investment in lead data platforms. However, enriching and maintaining detailed information on multiple relevant contacts within target companies was a resource-intensive challenge that limited the effectiveness of outreach campaigns.

Sales Development Tech Stack Utilization

A myriad of sales enablement tools in the market made it difficult to decide which platform(s) would be most effective to support the SDRs. It was difficult to evaluate the options for sales development tech and feel confident in the toolset. The resource commitment in SDR training and ongoing coaching to fully utilize sales development tech was also a pain point.

The Solution

The side-by-side comparison of managing a sales development team in-house versus partnering with Growth Era provided Forcura valuable insights on how to best address its challenges with sales development to increase top-of-funnel success.

Forcura found that Growth Era’s business model and capabilities to execute solved its key challenges.

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Growth Era brought specialized expertise and resources:

Sales Development Rep (SDR) Recruitment & Onboarding

Within Growth Era’s business model, SDR talent recruitment and training is a continuous process. Growth Era’s SDR Training Academy provides a systemized filtering process that ensures SDRs are outreach-ready before they are assigned to an account, which solved Forcura’s challenges of time and money associated with new-hire turnover. Additionally, Growth Era’s pool of SDR talent enabled Forcura to quickly scale up and align sales development resources.

SDR Training & Performance Management

Sales development is Growth Era’s only business focus, so a robust infrastructure and dedicated management was already in place for daily performance monitoring, training and coaching SDRs. Forcura recognized this as a major value, along with enhanced level of learning, innovation and best practices that Growth Era achieves through the volume of outreach it achieves daily through a multitude of scenarios across its portfolio.

Lead Enrichment

Beyond Growth Era’s use of enterprise-level lead technology, Forcura was impressed with the consistent enrichment of the lead data. Growth Era’s SDRs were navigating prospect companies and identifying new contacts within the organization to create awareness and a positive buzz about Forcura. Richer, up-to-date prospect data was another factor leading to stronger results.

Sales Development Tech Stack Utilization

Growth Era operates as a complete sales development department for its customers, which includes the tech stack. Growth Era stays out in front of the best sales enablement technology and its Sales Operations team is responsible for managing the tech stack and providing ongoing training to ensure it is leveraged to the fullest.

Earning an Expanded Role

Growth Era’s model provided a complete solution that addressed Forcura’s challenges and gave the company the agility to scale up quickly to meet new growth targets. In May 2022, Forcura gave Growth Era the opportunity to prospect their EMR-integrated lead base. The initiative was a success, and in June 2022, Forcura made the decision to expand seats with Growth Era to serve as its primary sales development team.

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The Results

Since expanding its partnership with Growth Era, Forcura has gained:


increase in top-of-funnel pipeline velocity


cost savings versus in-house


time savings in Sales Management and Human Resources


in new Annual Recurrent Revenue (ARR) Opportunity Value

The Next Level

With Growth Era as its sales development partner, Forcura is poised to replicate its market penetration success in new segments. A robust outbound sales development channel will enable Forcura to quickly and accurately test demand and product positioning.

The consistency of resources and easy scalability with Growth Era also means Forcura can move faster to shorten the time window on new growth goals.

As Forcura continues its rapid growth, it can rely on Growth Era to drive success at the top of the sales funnel.

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