StenTam Achieves over 681% ROI in Under a Year with Growth Era

StenTam is a leading specialty tax firm that strives to make complex tax credits and incentives easy and within reach of entrepreneurs, and small to midsize businesses. Since the company started in 2020, they have helped more than 4,000 business owners claim over 3.4 billion dollars in tax credits. StenTam combines extensive accounting and legal experience and a technology-enabled approach to provide accurate, compliant, and hassle-free tax credit filings.

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What Stentam is saying

Sales Leadership won't stop talking about you! I'm unable to walk 3 feet in our office without hearing positive things about Growth Era and your team. I’ve been running reports and we're really making progress towards our goals. The size of these deals are exactly what we’re looking for, now we just need to work on the volume. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team do!

Evan Alpaugh

Digital Acquisition ManagerStenTam
The Challenge

As with many fast-growing start ups, StenTam was looking for a reliable, repeatable way to reach out to businesses nationwide that would provide a strong return on investment.

The company decided that one channel which looked promising was outbound sales development.

After some internal experimentation, they decided to look for an outsourced provider who could bring both intellectual property as well as scalability to the table. After exploring the market they chose Growth Era as their partner.

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StenTam's sales development challenges:

Speed to Market

Often the tax credits StenTam helps clients obtain have a date when they are no longer available. In order to maximize the amount of clients they can help, creating a sales development function that can scale rapidly and move fast was a key challenge.

List Creation and Data Hygiene

Given the size of the market for tax credits, finding the best list sources as well as the work of keeping these lists managed and up to date was proving to be a labor intensive endeavor.

Tech Stack

Choosing the proper tech stack in the dynamic sales enablement tech space and ensuring these tools all communicate smoothly was an ongoing issue.

The Solution

StenTam chose GrowthEra to scale their sales development function after experimenting with doing so internally.

We have a massive market to penetrate. Bottom line, our efforts to scale the sales development function in house were proving to be much more difficult than we thought. We decided that Growth Era would be a great partner as they had already solved the problem of scale with their model. All we had to do was tap into what they had already created.

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We offered established advantages which accelerated sales development:

Speed to Scale

Given the massive market that StenTam was trying to reach and the time sensitive nature of the service, Growth Era provided a volume based model which was elastic enough to achieve the company’s growth targets.

Low Management Requirements

Whether we had one Sales Development Unit running or five, the entire function was managed by a once a
week update call with our Growth Era Client Success Manager.

List Management

Given the massive amount of companies to contact, Growth Era was able to help keep the list clean and organized so that outreach could proceed effectively.

Increased ROI Fast

StenTam began the relationship with Growth Era with 1 Sales Development Unit, then quickly grew to 5 units and within 9 months had a cash collected return on investment of over 681%! StenTam couldn’t believe that much ROI was realized in such a short amount of time.

Not only were they paying less money and spending way less time managing the function, but they were closing massive amounts of business from the pipeline of meetings generated. This prompted them to happily, and very aggressively expand the relationship with Growth Era.

The process just plain works.

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The Results

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The Next Level

Our total addressable market is every business in the United States that has employees and has not yet explored their tax credit status.

This is a very big number. After such amazing initial traction we are aggressively expanding our team with Growth Era.

The fact that we don’t have to staff up and manage the churn heavy sales development function is a huge win for us.

We want to focus 100% on getting the maximum credits for our clients and leave the outreach to Growth Era.

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